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From: Fritz
Subject: College Cocks, Part 4/8College Cocks, part Preteen Ass 4 of 8 (M/T, T/T, w/s)—————————————————————————-This is a story which involves sex between young males. If that is not your
thing, what are you doing here? If you are under 18 in most jurisdictions,
you should not be reading this, but I take no responsibility for your
actions. It takes place in an unspecified time and place and the characters
do not worry about HIV or AIDS. If you are sexually active in today’s
world, you should be aware of the risks.To all who have written, thanks for the comments. This is the halfway
point. 4 more chapters to go on this one, and I hope Preteen Ass you enjoy where Bill
and Larry Joe wind up. More to come….. keep those cards and letters
coming in, folks. Fritz
—————————————————————————-CHAPTER 4 When I want to, I can sleep fairly lightly, and the last conscious
thought I had before drifting off was that I was determined not to let this
one get away again. I woke up the next morning while he was trying to slip
out of the bed without disturbing me. I shot out my free hand, catching him
by one muscular forearm. “Where you going, pal?”
Larry Joe froze, as if caught on film. For a long minute, he didn’t
move or speak - I don’t think he even breathed. I was about to say
something else when he found his voice somewhere. “Jesus! I must have
really tied it on this time. How in hell did I wind up in your bed?
Christ, I must have made an ass of myself, Bill, I’m really…”
“If you say you’re sorry,” I said softly, “I will politely beat the
shit out of you.” That got his attention. He even looked at me, a hunted,
wary look in his gorgeous blue eyes.
“Uh, … why didn’t you move over to my bunk if I was passed out here?”
“Because I was having too much fun right here, that’s why.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” My hand still rested on Preteen Ass his arm. He
wasn’t trying to get away, but I could feel the tension in his muscles like
coiled steel. I was sure if I moved my hand, he’d be across the room in a
shot. I wasn’t sure what to expect if I kept on, but I had started now, and
didn’t feel like stopping.
“You did not, as you put it, ‘make an ass of yourself,’ but you sure
did give mine a good plugging. Yours wasn’t exactly…”
“No! Uhn-uhn, no, it’s not true!” Larry Joe got up, shaking his head
violently back and forth. “Don’t say it, it’s not true!”
“Wait just one dammed minute, Larry. Do you expect me to believe that
you don’t remember fucking my brains out last night? Or begging Preteen Ass me to fuck
that hot sexy butt of yours?” That was blunter than I’d meant to be, but I
was pissed that he was trying to play the same I-don’t-remember-a-thing bit
“NO!” he said with surprising vehemence. “It’s not true!” I swear I
thought he was going to cry. “I dreamed that, I dreamed it, it didn’t
really happen!”
Light dawned. Larry Joe did remember his - our - sexual escapades, but
he managed to convince himself it was just a wet dream. This had to be one
of the most elaborate protection mechanisms ever. I felt like a heel
dismantling it, but I was in too far now to back off. I looked him straight
in the eyes, and tried to keep my voice as calm as possible. “No, babe, you
didn’t dream it. Or if you did, you’ve got one hell of an imagination and
so do I. We made love last night, Larry. Just Preteen Ass like we did the first night
of the term, only better than ever.”
The wind went out of him and he sank onto a chair. “I couldn’t … I
mean … it’s just not…” He stopped, unable to keep denying it in the
face of my bluntness.
“Larry, what’s the big deal? You liked it. God knows I liked it. Why
tie yourself up in knots trying to pretend it didn’t happen?
“But it couldn’t! It’s … it’s … funny!” He was not using ‘funny’ to
mean amusing, but I couldn’t help it, I broke up. The big handsome
sophomore stared at me in complete disbelief as I howled with laughter. I
think he thought I had totally lost my mind.
Finally, I calmed down enough to get my voice. “Jesus, Larry, I’m
sorry. I’m not laughing at you, Guy, believe me. It’s just that of all the
words you could have come up with right then, ‘funny’ was not one I would
have expected.”
He looked away. “You know what I meant.”
“Yeah, I do. And I probably know even more words for it than you do.
I’ve heard ‘em Preteen Ass all, and been called most of ‘em at one time or another.
Larry, this is not new to me, and it sure as hell isn’t just a phase I’m
going through, either. I’m a homosexual, Larry.” He winced, but there was
no stopping me now. “That’s right, queer, fruit, invert, gay. Whatever the
hell you want to call it, I like men. And I like sex with men, most
particularly sexy, hot beautiful men, and you are one of the sexiest and
most beautiful men I’ve run across in a long time. You are also one hell of
a fabulous fuck, to put it bluntly, and I hope I’ll have lots more chances
to find out just how fabulous.” I was preaching, and told myself to shut
up. More calmly, I said, “Wanna talk about it?”
“Uh, I gotta go to class.”
“Wrong, guy. It’s Saturday. I know your schedule as well as my own.
It’s not even eight yet, your only class is at eleven, and I’m completely
free on Saturday.” He didn’t say anything, but suddenly looked down at
himself. I think he only realized at that moment that he was still stark
naked. He jumped up and grabbed a pair of jeans, tugging them on, and
opened his bureau to pull out a tee shirt. But he never quite got it on.
Sinking onto the chair again, he dropped the shirt beside him and
buried his face in his hands. “Oh God, Bill! You must think I’m some kind
of crazy idiot!”
“No I don’t, Larry.”
“Alan did.”
That threw me. At the moment, I couldn’t even remember who Alan was.
Whatever I had been going to say left my brain. “Huh? Who’s Alan?”
“Alan was my, uh, roommate last year. Only he … oh, Shit! I never
told Preteen Ass
this to anyone. Hang on, guy, you asked for it.” He stood up and
started for the door. When I started to protest, he smiled, but there was
not much mirth in it. “Don’t worry, I just gotta go take a leak. I’ll be
back, but this may take a while, so I gotta piss first.”
Larry and I were a little late to breakfast that morning. We just sat
in the room while he poured out his heart and soul to me. Alan had been the
fourth member of Larry’s little clique the year before. The two of them and
Danny and Tom had all been in the same dorm, and had hit it off at the
beginning of the year. They palled around together, and often spent a long
night at the Tube, getting happily soused together.
After one such evening, Larry Joe woke up in the middle of the night to
find Alan in his Preteen Ass bed, naked, and already going down on his nearly hard
meat. He was so stunned he didn’t do anything until his squirming balls and
stiffening cock told him he didn’t want to. And then what he did was lie
back and enjoy his first blowjob. First, but not last. After that, every
time they got sloshed, Alan would wind up in Larry’s bed when they got
home. Only they never talked about it. Alan had tried a couple of times,
but Larry Joe cut him off. They never made it unless Larry Joe got drunk
first, so he could pretend not to remember it the next day. In fact, he
admitted, he had really almost convinced himself that he was just having
weird wet dreams.
He also admitted that he wasn’t always really drunk. That was
partly an act as well. When he was horny, he’d pretend to be blasted, even
when he wasn’t, all so he wouldn’t have to admit what he and Alan were
doing in bed. Once he got started, Larry really opened up, and he told me
how he’d progressed from just letting Alan suck his dick, to returning the
favor. And one night, carried away in heat, how he found himself eating out
Alan’s hot ass, and then fucking him royally. It wasn’t long before he
returned that favor as well, and by the end of the term, there wasn’t much
they hadn’t tried, sexually.
“We were like, well, lovers or something, I guess, in almost every way.
Except I had to keep pretending none of it was happening. I knew it was
more than just sex, that Alan was really in love with me, and that scared
me shitless. I wanted to stop, but I guess I didn’t really want to or I
would have. Instead, I kept up my stupid games, fucking and sucking with
Alan all night, and acting like Mr-So-Normal-It-Hurts by day. What I didn’t
realize was what I was Preteen Ass
doing to his head.”
He sighed, shaking his head. I was just sitting and listening. “At the
end of the year, he challenged me with my stupidity. I will never forget
it. We were standing in our room, surrounded by packed bags, and his old
man had just gone down to the car, carrying the first load. Preteen Ass Alan stood
right in front of me Preteen Ass and said, ‘Listen, and listen good. We’ve signed up
for a room together next year, which I want more than you know. But not on
the same terms. I love you, you big dumb jerk, and I think you Preteen Ass love me
too. But I’m not living with you if you keep up this charade.’
“I had his home address, of course, and he told me he’d be there all
summer. If I came to my senses, as he put it, I could write him or come
see him. And then he walked out. I hadn’t said a word the whole fucking
time. I don’t quite know how I managed Preteen Ass to explain that scene to myself, but
I did. Of course I didn’t write that letter, and about a month before
school was supposed to start I got a letter from him saying he was sorry,
but he couldn’t go on lying. He fucking transferred to a school down in
Texas, where he’s from.”
I sensed the hurt in his Preteen Ass voice. “Did you love him, Larry?”
“I don’t know. I guess so, sure, in a way. But not the way he seemed to
feel about me. Not that much. If I had, maybe I would or could have written
that letter; maybe I wouldn’t have had to play dumb. I loved the sex part,
that was for sure,” he stopped suddenly, a surprised little grin lighting
up his mouth. “Jesus! Do you know how weird it is to hear myself say that?
That’s the first time I’ve ever admitted in daylight that I dug screwing
with a guy.” He even chuckled.
So did I. “Congratulations.”
“Hmm. Maybe. I wish I was more … oh, hell, I did. And I do. Since
it’s true confessions time, I might Preteen Ass as well tell you the truth. I almost
dropped my Preteen Ass
teeth when I first saw you in this room. You look a lot like
Alan. It was like fate, and the housing office, had conspired against
me. You’re a little taller, and more, uh, muscular I guess, but there is a
strong resemblance. Especially when you smile. That first moment, I hoped
like hell you were like Alan in more than just looks. Only I pretended I
didn’t know what my cock was telling me. And, of course, I proceeded to
get rip roaring drunk. Only, I’d thought about it some over the summer, and
I wasn’t quite as successful with you at blocking it out.” He smiled,
really this time, but a little embarrassed. “I wish you could have seen
your face the next morning when I pulled my standard ‘God, I tied one on’
“I’m sure. I didn’t know if I was crazy or you were. I gotta ask one
thing, though.”
“Shoot. I think all of the barriers are down now.”
“Is the sleepwalking part of the act?”
“Huh? Sleepwalking? What are you talking about?” I described the exact
scene that first night, how I’d found him halfway down the hall, bareassed
naked and hard as a rock. His gorgeous blue eyes grew wide when I did. “Oh,
Jesus! I sure wish I thought you were kidding, but I’m afraid you’re not.
Again last night?”
“No, this time I latched the door.”
“Christ, thank God you did. I swear I don’t know anything about that. I
thought my defenses were constructed, but it looks like my subconscious was
working as hard as I was.” He was obviously shaken a bit. “What if you
hadn’t wakened and come after me? Good Lord, what if I’d wandered into
somebody else’s room, and thought … oh God!”
“Let’s not worry about it, I did. And,” I had to say this part, even
knowing it was a bit risky, “you won’t need to sleepwalk, or get drunk any
more, right?”
He paused, wary again, then let his face relax slowly into that huge
megawatt smile. “No. No more games. I’m not sure if I ought to thank you or
bust you in the chops, but the old Larry Joe is a thing of the past.” I was
still sitting on my bed, as naked as when we woke up, and he looked me up
and down, positively leering. “Wanna prove it? I never fucked in broad
daylight before.”
I grinned back and said, “Maybe we ought to think about getting some
breakfast. Or even going to class.” But my cock was rapidly stiffening in
my lap, and I was sure he wouldn’t take me seriously.
He didn’t. He stood up, opening his fly. “Fuck breakfast.”
“Oh no, babe. Come here and fuck me!” Stripping the jeans off quickly
he crossed the room to latch the door, and then came to my bed, his big
beautiful cock rising to the occasion while he did. In a moment we were
locked together, our bare flesh entwining as he kissed me hard and
deep. The first two times, all the light I’d had was from the street lamp
just outside and below our window. Now we could really see what we were
doing, and we both took advantage of it. We were hot, and passionate, but
we also took our time, fully and intimately exploring each other’s bodies
while we made love.
He wound up fucking me first, hard and deep - hell, with that cock,
deep was the only way he could fuck - but also slowly and sensually. He
obviously got off on watching his huge pole pumping in and out of my
stretched asshole, just as I was turned on watching his flat muscular
abdomen rippling while he long-dicked me. After he shot another huge load
of cream into my guts, he held me down on the bed, straddling my hips with
his legs, and sat right down on my rock-hard, throbbing prick.
While he fucked himself on my dick, his butt rising and falling over my
groin, we played with each other’s tits. Larry really dug the nipple
action, and I could feel the Preteen Ass excitement it gave him in the clutching walls
of his deep, hungry ass. Sooner that I might have wished, I was groaning in
lust, slamming my bursting rod up into his guts while I gushed out my thick
hot load. He stayed impaled on me as we got our breath back, grinning like
a kid turned loose in a candy store with four weeks’ allowance.
“There is one difference,” he chuckled.
“Huh? You lost me, there, sexy. You mean in daylight?”
“No,” he laughed, “although that’s nice too. Between you and Alan. He
was good in the sack, but well, kind of average in the size department.
You’re a lot more hung.”
I reached down to fondle his partly softened horse dick. “Well, well.
From ‘B.C.’ Weaver, that is a compliment indeed.”
“Oh God! I’m gonna kill Danny Constantine.”
“I probably shouldn’t tell you this,” I said when he lifted himself off
my ropy shaft and stretched out beside me on the narrow bed, “but it was
not Danny who explained it to me. Or Tommy.” Now the look on his face was
pure curiosity. “Like I said, maybe I should keep my yap shut, but you are
something of a legend on campus. Among certain circles.”
“Oh, shit. Well, I should have known. I’m not blind, and I am aware of
the attention I get in the showers sometimes. There was one kid in my gym
class last year that I thought was gonna get eyestrain. What was so weird
was watching him try to hide the boner he threw from staring at my dick. So
who’s been talking to you?”
“Old friend I ran into on the campus. Hell, you’re being honest, I will
too. He’s not just an old friend; he’s an old trick. We spent a hot
weekend at the beach once, mostly in the sack, and took up again here. He’s
kept me sane while I nursed my case of the hots for your bod.” Larry
winced, and I smiled at him. “No sweat, that’s in the past. Anyway, when
he found out I was rooming with you he was insanely jealous. The guy in
your gym class last year was a friend of his.”
“Jesus! Sounds like the whole campus knew before I did!”
“Hold on. All they knew was that you were hung for days. As well as
having a reputation for the biggest dick on campus, you are also regarded
as untouchable, and hopelessly straight. My friend would love to get you in
bed, but assumes he’ll never have the chance.”
“Oh. Hmmm, is he cute?”
“Hey, now I’m the one who’s gonna get jealous.” I was thinking of Tim’s
story about Dean, the freshman. Now that I’d opened Larry’s eyes, and mind,
how would I Preteen Ass
manage to keep him to myself? Did I want to?
It seemed I didn’t need to worry right at the moment. Larry reached
down and was trying to stroke some life back in to my spent cock. And not
completely without success. “Think he’d be interested in a three-way?” The
idea of being sandwiched between the insatiably hot Tim Pollard, and the
equally randy Larry Weaver was enough to produce an immediate hardon, which
Larry started to show his appreciation for. But I decided it was time for
one of us to be sensible.
“Oh, no you don’t,” I laughed, extricating myself, reluctantly, from
his grasp. “Now I mean it about breakfast, and you do have a class at
eleven. As much as I hate to suggest covering that magnificent body of
yours, we better get dressed and get going.”
Larry was a different person. We ate breakfast in the campus dining
hall, and I was sure the entire world could see that we were more than just
roomies. He’d always been friendly and open, with a ready smile, but that
morning he positively bubbled. He was obviously in a very high good mood,
laughing and joking constantly. I said something about it and he just
“Yup. And it’s all your fault, Toomey. I have been an asshole, don’t
deny it. For Preteen Ass one thing I owe Alan a hell of an apology. But now I feel like
a big weight has been lifted off me. I can’t believe I waited this long
to…” he grinned, “what’s the phrase?”
“Come out?”
“That’s it. Gee, I have to learn a whole new slang, don’t I? Do you
give fairy lessons on the side?”
I laughed with him. “First lesson: be careful who you call a fairy,
Mary, or I’ll claw your mascara off the hard way. Now scoot before you’re
late to class. I’ll meet you at the Tube this afternoon around three.”
“Right.” He grinned when he got up. “I guess I didn’t really say it,
Bill, but thanks. For everything. And, I was serious about that double
header if you think your buddy’s into it.”
“I’ll ask,” I grinned, telling myself I ought to take a camera along to
record the expression Preteen Ass
on Tim’s face before he passed out in ecstasy.
Larry bounded into the Tube at three, his mood still intact. I’d run
into Danny on campus, and we already had a pitcher in front of us. Larry
got a new one and a third glass and plopped down in the booth next to
me. His hand squeezed my thigh quickly under the table. No one else would
have noticed, unless they happened to spot the instant semi-erection I
threw in my jeans.
“Hiya guys, how’s the world treating everybody?”
“Christ, B.C.,” Danny growled in mock dismay, “don’t you ever get
hangovers? You were as drunk as I was last night, and I feel rotten, but
you look like somebody just told you you won the lottery.”
“Somebody did, Danny boy. Somebody did.” Danny frowned, puzzled, but
Larry started chatting about something else, and it dropped. Tom came in
shortly, completing the Three Mouseketeers, as I’d come to think of them,
and we all razzed him about his wall-support act the night before. While we
sat and talked, I was watching Larry. He gave every indication of having
assimilated his new self-awareness without a qualm. I was still afraid he
might come down, but Preteen Ass I planned to be there with a very broad shoulder if he
I also noticed Danny. He didn’t know what it was or what was causing
it, but I could tell he was picking up on his friend’s expansive mood. And
the look in those dark eyes was one I recognized. Danny Constantine was
head over heels in crush. I wondered how aware of it he might be. I also
debated whether or not I was going to mention it to Larry Joe. But as it
turned out, I didn’t have to.
At one point Danny went to the john and Tom got up to get another
pitcher of beer for us. Larry winked at me and said in a low voice, “Is it
just me, or is the whole fucking world going gay? I’d almost swear Danny
was trying to tell me something, the way he’s staring at me.”
I grinned. “Yeah, I noticed.”
“Surprise the hell out of him if I told him first, I’ll bet.”
“Slow down, hunk. I don’t know if Preteen Ass he’s aware of what he’s doing. Just
because you…”
“I know, I know. I’ll be good. He is a cute little fucker though.”
“No argument there.”
“You see your friend today?”
“Christ, you’re too much! You really do wanna make up for lost time
don’t you? No, but I have a plan. I’ll tell you about it later. Now cool
it, here comes Tommy.”
We hung out for a while, then went to dinner and a movie at the Free
Flix the student Union sponsored. Larry herded Tommy and Danny into the row
of seats ahead of me, then followed last. Thus shielded, he managed to hold
my hand throughout the flick. I loved it, and was amused to see that he had
to Preteen Ass arrange the front of his trousers when we got up to leave, as I
did. Only thing was, there was no way he could completely hide the boa when
it was semi-hard, and the bulge in the front of his jeans was enough to
make my mouth water. I don’t think Larry noticed Danny almost trip over his
own shoes when he caught a glimpse, too.
Of course, we headed back to the Tube, but after one round of beer,
Larry Joe announced he was bushed, and thought he’d head on back. Danny
looked disappointed, and Tom was almost shocked. “On Saturday? Surely you
jest, my man!”
Larry said he’d done enough boozing the night before for a whole
weekend, and I picked up my cue real quickly. Yeah, I said, I was ready to
call it a night too, so I’d go with him. I noticed that he had timed our
announcement for right after they’d ordered a new pitcher, so they wouldn’t
be tempted to join us. We said our good-byes, and headed back to the dorm,
and bed.
I was walking on air, and trying to rein in my mixed emotions. I was
dangerously close to falling in love with the dude in the worst way, but he
was eighteen, and just coming out, and I had no idea how he really felt
about me. One thing was clear; however, from Preteen Ass the way he grabbed my ass and
pulled me into his arms as soon as we hit the room. In love or not, Larry
was ready to fuck, and he was far from drunk tonight. About ten minutes later, we were head to toe on the narrow dorm bed,
hungrily slurping at each other’s hard cocks and hot balls. Larry Joe was
over me on all fours, ramming his throat-stretcher down my gullet over and
over again while his lips and tongue found every one of the sensitive spots
in my own crotch and played them for all they were worth. Then he lifted
up, swinging around between my legs and lifting them onto his shoulders as
he buried his face in my crotch.
In no time flat he had me writhing under him, while his hungry mouth
alternated between chewing on my over-stimulated balls and playing sword
swallower with my throbbing Preteen Ass
dick. He held my legs up and open while his
mouth roamed all over my groin. He discovered how tender the skin was on
the inside of my thighs, just under my nuts, and also discovered how much
his nibbling at it turned me on. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it
any more without blasting my load all over the room, he flipped me over on
my face with strong arms, and the next thing I knew his hot tongue was
disappearing up my hole. We had established that Larry Joe both loved to
rim my ass and was incredibly good at it, but he set out to prove it all
over again. He chewed and licked and probed at the snug but yielding
sphincter until I had to bury my face in a pillow to muffle the moans of
lust he was kindling. When he shifted back to my spasming balls, my ass
hole was sopping wet and wide open.
While he sucked on my swollen scrotum, he caressed my butt with one
massive hand, the kneading fingers moving ever closer to my slippery
anus. A new groan welled up from my guts when first one, then two of his
spit-slick fingers Preteen Ass entered me, stretching the tight ring, and massaging the
base of my dick from inside. A moment later, he added a third, and began to
probe even deeper. As the thrusting digits found and stroked my buried joy
knob, my steel-hard erection leaked lube all over the sheet. With his free
hand, he circled my prick, rubbing the sex-ooze all over the crown and
absolutely driving me up the wall.
One hand was jerking me off, his avid mouth devouring my testicles, and
three - oh God! It felt like four! - Fingers pumping in and out of my
distended fuck channel. I was so hot I felt like the sheets would burst
into flames any second, as the big hunky jock played with my body like a
toy. I was all but whimpering by then, and heard somebody in the room
begging to get fucked. It was my voice, so I guessed it had to be me, but
every sense in my body was concentrated on my ass and balls and cock.
The invading hand pulled slowly out of my rectum, leaving it achingly
empty. Then I felt Larry Joe’s big muscular frame curl over mine, his
hairy chest against my sweat streaked back, his big hands lifting my hips
off the bed, prying my cheeks apart to bare my quivering asshole for
… “Unngghh!” One long smooth stroke of entry buried all ten plus thick
hard inches inside me. His bare flesh joined to mine, arms wrapping around
me, pulling us as close together as two humans could be while his enormous
organ filled me completely.
His balls crushed against my flattened buttocks when he sheathed his
entire cock in the grasping tightness of my incredibly sensitive anal
canal. I wanted him even deeper, wanted him to possess my entire ass,
wanted him to split me in half on that huge log of pure male
sexuality. Flexing my back in a concave curve, I Preteen Ass raised my ass even more,
opening it completely for the deepest possible penetration. Fireworks went
off at the base of my brain when the mammoth pole hit new depths in my
bowels. And then Larry Joe began to fuck me.
I’d never been fucked before, I realized. Preteen Ass
God knows it was far from the
first time a man had his dick up my ass, and I’d lost count of the loads of
cream that had been gushed, pumped and shot deeply into the recesses of my
guts. But no one had ever fucked my butt the way Larry Joe was fucking it
that night. Long and slow and deep, every thrust driving the length of his
incredible erection in and out of my hole. All the way out on the backswing
until my clutching anus just closed when his swollen cockhead slipped out,
then all the way back in until his damp pubic hair crushed against my
tender cheeks. The repeated retreat and re-penetration was unbelievably
exciting, and on every pile-driving entrance, his huge glans slammed into
and past my engorged prostate.
My cock drooled so much lube it was like I was constantly coming, and
one of my phenomenal lover’s hands was clutching it, stroking the iron
hardness of it in perfect rhythm with his gut-stretching assault from
behind me. The other moved back and forth across my chest, pulling and
stretching my tits until I was one infinitely large nerve end, my entire
body alive with sexual energy. I didn’t think it was possible to be any
more aroused and excited than I was until I suddenly felt a wave of pure
ecstasy welling up inside my ass.
I gasped in passion while the super-orgasm started deep inside my hot
rectum, as if it emanated from Larry’s pistoning cock itself. Like a flash
fire in a dry grassfield, it spread outward in all directions. My balls
were on fire; my spine shooting sparks out into the air. My cock Preteen Ass was
unbelievably hard, a rigid spear throbbing inside Larry’s pumping,
ooze-slicked fingers. I knew I had to be howling like a wolf at the full
moon, the rush of the climax roaring in my ears while I rose to a peak of
passion I’d never experienced.
And then the room exploded, four walls flying off into infinite space
and the stars themselves rushing in to swirl around us as my throbbing
shaft became a roman candle, erupting in blazing streamers of fiery
come. My rectum clenched around the impossibly large column of hard flesh
fully sheathed inside it, and I knew instinctively that Larry was coming
too, pumping his seed into the very center of my being while my balls
exploded through the head of my prick. His teeth sank into my shoulders as
we poured out the mutual lust we’d built up.
Some time later, I became aware of a dull pounding noise, and knew it
was my heart hammering at the inside of my chest. The ocean-wave sound was
Larry, his mouth close to my ear as he tried to pull oxygen back into his
lungs. The warmth and weight was his large muscular body, collapsed across
mine, his chest glued to my back with sweat. And the rich aroma surrounding
us was the pure musk of two completely satisfied men. The tree trunk still
imbedded in my stuffed and very fulfilled asshole needed no further
“Jesus H Christ! Are you okay, Bill?”
“No. I died. This has to be heaven.” Was that my voice? That deeply
satisfied purring sound? “God, stud, I thought you were fantastic drunk. I
don’t think there’s a word for how you are sober.”
“I was afraid I got a little carried away.”
“Memo to Bill: always be around when Larry Joe gets carried away.
Preferably naked.”
He nuzzled the back of my neck, and I felt him pull up and look at it a
moment. “I’m afraid you’re gonna have a bitching hickey-mark in a very
unusual place,” he chuckled.
“If you promise to fuck me like that again, I’ll buy every goddammed
turtleneck sweater in town if I have to.” I felt his body prepare to move
even before it did. “Where Preteen Ass the hell do you think you’re going?”
“Sorry, lost my head,” he chuckled as he settled back onto me. “I was
afraid I might be too heavy, lying on you like this.”
“I’ll tell you when I want you to get off. Maybe Tuesday.” I flexed my
anus around his meat, which was still half-hard inside my come-filled butt.
“What do you do, Preteen Ass take horny pills? Does that thing ever go down?”
“Not inside a hot sexy ass, it doesn’t. Uh, Bill, can I ask you a kinda
dumb question?”
“Keep calling my ass sexy and you can ask me anything at all. Just
don’t ask me to leave.”
“Lord! You’re sexy as hell, but your humor is pure corn. Well, I really
was a little drunk last night, honest. And while I remember a lot, I am a
bit fuzzy on a few of the details. I seem to remember that I had to go to
the john after we, uh, did it, but I don’t remember going out of the room.”
I grinned, turning my head so I could sort of look up at him. As I
suspected he had a mischievous little half smile on his sexy face. “You
did, have to go that is. And you didn’t have to leave the room.”
“Uh-huh. That’s kinda the way I remembered it.”
“Uh, Larry? Would I be wrong if I guessed you might have to go now?”
He pretended to ponder the question a moment. “Uh, not too far wrong,
“Uh-huh. Thought as much.” I relaxed my anus as much as possible,
flexing my butt upwards a little more so his semi-flaccid hose slid even
little deeper into me. He lay across my back, completely relaxed against
me, and after a moment just sighed when I felt the Preteen Ass hot flow cut loose. It
wasn’t as much of a gush as the night before, when he’d had a lot more beer
and a couple of hours for the pressure to build up. This was just a steady
flow, filling me slowly with hot liquid. He purred against my ear, nuzzling
it gently while he reveled in what I knew to be the incredibly pleasurable
sensation of emptying his bladder inside a hot snug ass.
The hot river ebbed to a trickle, then stopped. Either he hadn’t pissed
as much or I was getting used to it. I felt full, but didn’t have the
urgent need to go to the bathroom I’d felt the night before. Larry was all
but purring. “Jeez, I can’t believe how sexy that feels. I lied. I
remembered last night perfectly. I just wasn’t sure you’d want to… you
“Any time, babe. It’s a turnon from this side, too.”
“Hmmm. Have to try it some time. Like when you fuck me later.” I did
like the sound of that. “Uh, do you have to get up or anything?”
“No, I’m okay for now. Just keep that plug where it is.”
He laughed, and settled his re-hardened prick firmly in my butt. It
felt so comfortable, just lying there with him inside me. “I guess I’m
still kinda getting used to this idea, you know, fucking you, and liking
it, and admitting I like it. But, uh, I gotta tell you that I don’t know
if, well, if I want to….”
I had an idea where he was headed, but he was having trouble getting it
out. “You mean, do I expect us to be lovers? Faithful and all that.”
“Can’t get very far ahead of you, can I?”
“Like the lady said, I’ve been around the track a couple of times. I
gotta admit I’ve thought about it too. The first night, I almost did fall
in love with you. Man, for someone who was pretending not to be gay, you
were one hell of a good lover. And I really like you, outside of bed as
well as in. I haven’t been running around with you and Danny and Tom just
so I could get you in the sack. This morning, the thought crossed my mind
that maybe I shouldn’t mention the fact that the whole gay population at
Bowler has been lusting after your ass for a year, cause you might want to
take advantage of it.
“But the more I think about it, the more I know it just wouldn’t work
out that way.” I laughed. “I remember when I first really came out, which
was during my senior year in High School. There wasn’t an able-bodied man
in town who was safe. And to be honest, I don’t think I’m ready to give up
all those other men out there myself. Lesson number two coming up. A gay
guy can have a number of different relationships with other gay guys. Some
are Lovers, which can range from completely monogamous to more or less
open. Some are Tricks, or one-night stands. Some are just Sisters, who you
never had sex with or don’t any more. Then there is a category somewhere
between Lover and Sister usually referred to as a Fuck-Buddy. That’s a good
friend who you also get it off with when neither you or he is balling
anybody else.”
“Hmmm. Sounds like fun.”
“Uh-huh. Convenient, too, when you happen to be sharing a dorm room.”
“Think the housing office would move a double in here? These dammed
bunks are a little narrow for sleeping together.”
“Yup. Especially when somebody in the room has a snore like a power saw
hitting creosoted wood.”
“Huh! Well, that was a short honeymoon. Already becoming a bitch. Can I
be your fuck-buddy, Bill?”
“Babe, I am not given to clinical post-mortems of sex. I figure if it
is good, nobody needs to say so, and if it isn’t nobody wants to. But if
that little tumble a few minutes ago is a representative sample of your
talent now that you’re doing it sober and admitting it, I’ll be ready and
willing any time you say. I had a friend at Dripville State who claimed he
had rectal orgasms. I never believed him until tonight.”
Larry Joe didn’t say thanks, but his grin did. He eased his ropy meat
out of my very well filled rectum and rolled me over for one of the
longest, sweetest and most sincere kisses I had had in my life.
Later that night, Larry Joe made good on the implied promise he’d made
earlier. It wasn’t quite the fireworks display of that fantastic fuck we’d
had when we got home, but I gave his butt a good solid workout. The hunky
sophomore was a lot like me, in that he could enjoy getting screwed as much
as screwing a stud’s ass himself. And his hole was tight and hot and almost
as talented as his mouth in milking a load out of a horny pair of nuts.
Once I’d blasted my thick cream into the depths of his guts, I just
relaxed, leaving my dick inside him while it softened, with his knees
hooked over my arms. I chewed and nibbled at his beautiful, sensitive
nipples until I felt control shifting from my balls to my bladder. “Larry,
“Uh-huh?” Jesus, I loved that satisfied grin, and loved knowing I was
responsible for it.
“You mean what you said earlier?”
The grin widened. “I was afraid you’d forgotten about that. Let ‘er
rip, stud. Let me feel that fat hose unload inside me.” In a moment we were
both moaning softly in renewed pleasure while I emptied my pent-up urine
inside him, deep in the warm wet confines of his fabulous butt.
I didn’t need any tricks to keep Larry Joe in my bed this time, after
we both went to the john to empty out and clean up, that is. I snuggled
against him, spoon-fashion, and went to sleep blissfully cradled in his
strong young arms. Sometime after dawn, I woke up, with Larry Joe snoring
very softly just behind my head. He was still asleep, but the telephone
pole pressed into the cleft between my buttocks said part of him was
already up, so to speak.
I reached behind me, sliding my hand between our bodies to pull the
immense shaft downward, lodging the golf-ball head right at the opening to
my bowels. The big handsome stud Preteen Ass
grunted softly in his sleep and bucked
his hips, driving the first two or three inches through my snug but
receptive sphincter. I sighed in pleasure when he entered me once again,
and concentrated on relaxing my hole, pressing backwards to engulf more of
the penetrating shaft. When he was fully and completely sheathed in my
guts, his arm tightened around my chest even more, and I drifted back to
sleep again, joined to him.
The next time I woke up, Larry wasn’t snoring, he was fucking me. His
hips pumped slowly, sliding half of his huge hard cock in and out of my
self- lubricating butt on every thrust. It was a long, slow, deliciously
lazy morning fuck. Larry’s tempo never changed, even when he shot off, but
I could feel the dick in my guts swell larger and twitch as he pumped it
out in my ass. Then he slid free, and rolled me over, sliding down the bed
to engulf my own morning boner in his hot, hungry mouth. It didn’t take
very long for him to coax his breakfast load up from my stimulated balls.
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